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Hello, and welcome to my portfolio. My name is Duncan Armstrong and I am an interactive media and game design major at Clark University in Worcester MA. I am a video game programmer, software developer, and general computer programmer. Here you will find projects that demonstrate my extensive programming skills and my educational background. My resume and cover letter are included. My contact information is located at the bottom of the page in the event you have any questions.

Games I Have Made and That You Can Play


D3 stands for Duncan’s Dungeon Delight. I made this game for my senior project in high school. D3 is a VR dungeon crawler rogue-like. D3 was an experiment in VR gaming.

Sweetland Slumberparty

This is the current game I am working on in Game Studio. This game is a co-op game with ragdoll physics similar to Gang Beasts or Humans Fall Flat. This project was shown at PAX East 2023 at Clark University's booth and will soon have a Steam release. I am lead programmer on this project.


This is an ongoing project. It is a traditional roguelike, meaning it is a game that is supposed to emulate the first Rogue from the 1980s. This project is still very early in development but I think it is at a good point to share.

VR Business Game

This is the game I worked on in my Game Studio class for Clark's Business School. This game is about exploring an office, talking to NPCs, and collecting information to figure out if the company was successful. I am the lead programmer on this project which includes VR integration along with game loop programming.

Project: Automica

This is a project I worked on with other students during my Game Studio class at Clark University. I was a Junior Developer and I worked on enemy AI, the gameplay loop, and elements of the second level. This game is a tower defense game.


This is a Minecraft clone that I developed in high school and continued to work on during my freshman year of college.  This version of my voxel generation project allows for the breaking and placing of blocks along with the saving and loading of user’s world.


This is a game that my friend and I made during the 2022 Clark University 24hr Spooky Game Jam. This is a horror game that draws inspiration from theoretical quantum mechanics. It is a first person game that tasks the player to find all the codes while being hunted by a monster.


This game is a 2D FPS in the style of the original DOOM. All levels are procedurally generated using the drunkard walk algorithm. This algorithm is also used in games such as Nuclear Throne.

Washing Machine Simulator

This is another VR game I made during my senior year of high school. It is a game meant to simulate being a piece of clothing in a washing machine. This game tested my VR skills and create a motion sickness experience for the player. In the game the player spins continuously. If you get motion sick, do not play this game.

Programming projects

These are projects that I made to explore different programming ideas

Voxel Generation

This project is the combination of a few other different voxel generation projects. It is fast, infinite, and procedurally generated using Perlin noise.

Dungeon Generation

This is a C# project I made to procedurally generate a dungeon with a user defined size and height. This project was created to explore procedural generation outside of game creation.

Sphere Waling and gravity

This is a unity project I created during the summer of my sophomore year at Clark. The game is a demo for planet gravity simulation and includes the ability for players to walk around planets. The game contains simulated gravity for both the player and the planets.

Other Projects

Linked above is a collection of non-game-related programming projects I have done over the years. Mostly assignments from high school and college.

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I am enrolled at Clark University in Worcester, MA. I study Interactive Media and Game Development with a focus in Video Game Programming. Each semester I take Clark’s Game Studio classes. In this class students work together to produce, develop, and publish a finished video game. While At Clark I have learned more about AI, Unity, Unreal, game design, how to pitch a game, and how to lead a team. At Clark I play the bass in the school concert band and occasionally host my own radio show. I also actively participate in our schools Pax East booth introducing and showing off game I and other students have made. I expect to graduate in 2024 with my Bachelors and 2025 with my Masters.

High School

I attended Minuteman Vocation Technical Regional High School in Lexington, MA. I studied Computer Programming and Web Development. While there I received 2000+ hours of hands-on experience in the field of computer science and computer programming. I also gained valuable knowledge and experience in team leadership along with SCRUM. I maintained a 3.7 GPA and consistently made High Honor Roll.

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